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Data Recovery

Data Recovery

data recovery

Has your Hard Drive stopped working? Are you unable to access files? Need Data Recovery?
Clean Bytes can help!

We offer an affordable Data Recovery service which can retrieve deleted, overwritten, lost or damaged / corrupted files from your Hard Drive. 
On receipt of your device, we will analyse the extent of the damage and contact you with a diagnosis. From there, we begin the recovery process and the data is transferred onto your preferred choice of storage media once completed.
Turnaround can vary from 1 - 10 days depending on the circumstances however we will keep you updated at every step to put your mind at rest.
In the event that Data Recovery is not possible, we won't charge you a penny! Head over to our services page for prices.

Common Data Loss Causes

• Logical failure − such as a lost partition or accidental reformatting
Mechanical failure − such as head crashes or motor failures
Viruses, power surges, power spikes and system crashes
Natural disasters such as fire and water damage
Accidental file deletion / overwriting
Dropped hard drive
• Hardware or software malfunction / corruption
Computer not booting or unable to load or run applications
Back up failure, improper shutdown or master boot record damage
• Contamination or damage to media surface (scratches, etc...)

Media Types Accepted

  • Laptop HDDs (2.5" SATA)
  • PC HDDs (3.5" SATA)
  • Solid State Drives (SSDs)
  • Portable / External HDDs
  • USB Flash Drives
  • SD Cards
  • Older Drives such as PATA (IDE)