Computer Health Check

computer health check

Here at Clean Bytes we know how important it is to you that your PC or Laptop works to its full potential. This is why we offer a full Computer Health Check – to ensure your system is running at optimal performance.

Just like a car, your computer needs regular checks to make sure it’s safe, secure and operates smoothly.
Think of it like an MOT for your computer! During these checks, we perform a range of hardware and software diagnostics. This is to check your system is running correctly and efficiently.

Because computers are prone to a range of problems, which can not only reduce their performance but can also lead to more severe problems (such as data loss, errors and even security attacks), it is very important for these checks to be carried out regularly.

Our Computer Health Check will cost you just £25 and can also be carried out via our free Remote Support service – perfect for customers further afield.

If you would like more information on our Remote Support service please visit our Remote Support page. 

Our Computer Health Check Includes:

  • Anti-Virus scan and removal of threats
  • Spyware, Malware & Adware scan and removal
  • Removal of any unsafe programs
  • Removal of unsafe toolbars and add-ons
  • Fix error messages and pop-ups
  • Hard Drive optimisation
  • Windows updates
  • Clean up of unnecessary system & temp files
  • System backup
  • Driver updates

We can also advise you of any hardware / software upgrades that your PC or Laptop may benefit from, for instance if it’s an older machine.

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