Computer Cleaning Service

Over time, Laptops and Desktop PCs can develop significant dust build-up. As a result, this can restrict air flow and cause overheating and damage to internal components.

Regular cleaning of internal hardware removes this excess build-up of dust and debris that impedes system cooling. It also ensures that hardware is kept running at optimum temperatures.

Routine cleaning can also enhance the lifespan of your computer and reduce the need for future maintenance and repairs. In addition, computers can also harbor germs and viruses. If it is not cleaned regularly, these germs could spread and possibly end up making you, or others, sick.

Here at Clean Bytes, we offer a PC and Laptop cleaning service which includes a complete and professional internal clean of your machine.
We remove any dust, dirt build-up, foreign objects, pet hair and of course, those pesky germs.

During the full clean we take precautions against electrostatic discharge, including ESD wristbands, mats and other ESD safe equipment. This also includes our special anti-static electric air compressor.

Our Computer Cleaning service includes:

  • Internal boards and non-removable components are cleaned using our special compressed air machine
  • Fans and removable components cleaned separately
  • Non-electrical parts are cleaned using anti-bacterial and alcohol cleaning products
  • Keyboard / mouse / touch pad; debris / dust removed & sanitised
  • Computer casing cleaned and sanitized
  • All ports and drives are thoroughly cleaned
  • If required, we can also replace the fans and thermal compound 


Laptop / Notebook – Deep Clean: £20.00

Desktop PC – Deep Clean: £25.00

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